Advisory Boards

Advisory Boards

We would be delighted to arrange advisory boards comprising a panel of relevant experts to challenge thinking or provide insight on a given topic or disease area.

Our faculty will be able to give expert input throughout an entire drug or medical device development program, in addition to identifying unmet medical needs that might drive future clinical strategies. Early in development, guidance might focus on clinical trial design, risk management plans and target patient populations.

Later on in the trajectory eg. post phase III/pivotal clinical trials, we can play a key role in interpreting trial outcomes, such as clinical or physiological differences between patient subgroups.

Once a product is licensed, we can help to identify and design post-marketing clinical trials, review and/or instigate medical or patient education programs, and provide input for life-cycle management.

Our simple blueprint for delivering the most impactful advisory board is to:

Identify with you a clear set of objectives, project plan and process (including review and compliance)

Develop the programme and select the most relevant advisors and chair

Produce a clear meeting report using the pre-agreed objectives as a framework

Arrange a debrief meeting to present the meeting report, ensure objectives have been met and plan any follow up

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